New Doors

God opens and closes doors all the time in life. And trust me, I am SO far from having all the answers as to WHY things happen the way they do. I’m just walking this path with y’all, one step at a time, one mistake or celebration at a time. Often times I find myself not quite understanding what He is trying to do in my life, when I see Him close a door that I didn’t want to close or open a door to a new experience that scares me a little and makes me want to run the other way as fast as I can. BUT there’s the thing…I don’t want. Scares ME. I want to run. I. Me. Eh, WHOSE planner are we looking at? It’s like slapping myself straight, no joke friends. WHO am I to tell God what I will or will not do? But we ALL do it. If you’re thinking, “no, not me” just think back to a time something happened that hurt; whether physically,emotionally, spiritually…did you PLAN that pain? Probably not, but God did. Not to hurt you or harm you, but I’ve learned a few things along my little journey so far, and one of the biggest ones is; There is a blessing in every burden. He knew and planned for you to GROW, to SEE, or HEAR, to find His message in the mess…The Blessing in the Burden.

When God shuts doors I’m not ready or wanting to close, He has a purpose. He has a plan. And His plan is SO much better than mine! When I found my FAITH last August, it wasn’t until I completely surrendered ALL of me, to ALL of Him. THAT is when I saw Him moving in my life. And not a minute before. I tried, for years to “make” my own decisions about life, love, relationships and I was getting no where fast. In fact things just got worse. But when I finally gave it ALL to Him my eyes were opened! I started seeing blessings, I started seeing the beauty in everyday, but I’m human, and I totally mess things up.

Fast forward months, and I’m still on this AMAZING journey of discovery, but things were changing. It was almost as though I couldn’t SEE God as much anymore. I didn’t HEAR Him as loudly & clearly as I had been able to and I started slipping. Slipping back into thinking that I was in control of what doors open and what doors close. Slipping into feeling like MY WAY was the right way and I could handle things and God would just kinda “back me up” After all, I got this far right? I was the one at the steering wheel & God was just along for the ride, right?

Holy Batman! For real? WOW! Please tell me that I am NOT the ONLY one who falls into the comfort zone trap? I mean here I was, I had seen the amazing hand of God at work in my life, RIGHT before my very eyes and yet I had grown so comfortable (not entirely a BAD thing) with the way everything was, that even though I still totally prayed daily and loved God so fully, I just kinda started thinking that if His Way didn’t REALLY line up with MY way, that it was okay(ish) to adjust the plan accordingly. Usually, according to MY WAY.  Yep, I thought I needed to be in charge of the “planner” again. Silly Robyn! Planning is for God! God was shutting doors that He KNEW were no longer IN my planner and opening doors to fullfill the purpose He had written in His planner for me. All the while I was doing all sorts of work trying to open CLOSED doors and making a big ol’ mess in the hallway, but making excuses and blaming everything on anything other than me.

Ugh, why must I be such a repeat offender? I don’t know about you my friends, but as hard as I try, I slip. But guess what? It’s OKAY! He doesn’t write you off because you messed up. You don’t get put on probation because you’ve had too many offenses. And no matter what God loves you, God’s Grace is Sufficient For YOU my friend! YOU!

Yeah, I went back to START, moved my little player piece to the space that says “God, I surrender to YOU. I need YOU. Forgive Me” Completely. Totally. 100%. Fully. Faithfully. My little player piece started moving again! Really, really! You see friends, I completely screwed things up, I DID think I had things in MY control. THINK, is the keyword, because my thought was SO WRONG. God was just waiting for me to put my guy back on the gameboard, take that first step of releasing my burdens, and surrendering to Him. Oh, the beauty of opening NEW DOORS. He has blessed me with an amazing and ever growing faith family, THIS new adventure, and my heart is soaring.

Next time you see that NEW DOOR, turn the knob and let the door that He shut, stay closed. What’s meant to be, is written, He has walked before you and made a way. God Will Open New Doors.

Blessings Friends



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