I Forgot to Take Out the Garbage!

https://www.facebook.com/Ignite-Faith-filled-Inspiration-166390714018252/I was enjoying one of the first ALMOST spring-like mornings in months, when I heard it. That familiar sound interupting the peaceful sounds of the birds chirping, bringing me back to reality. The roar of an engine, the squeal of metal arms rising slowly and going back down, the shifting of gears, the hum of the machinery all working in tandem with each other. CRAP! It’s garbage day! Where’s my garbage can, you ask? Yeah, definitely NOT down at the end of my drive, sitting along the curb. Nope, MY garbage can is enjoying it’s sweet little home, tucked under the eave of the garage. Out of the rain, and pushed back just far enough to be hidden from the winds. Pretty much a spa experience for that big blue plastic garbage can. And a great big garbage bill for me, just so that I could conveniently HOLD ONTO my garbage for another week. UGH.

It’s funny to think about friends, because our lives are SO parallel to this! We all have garbage. But what we do with our garbage is what makes the difference. What do YOU do with YOUR garbage? God never wanted us to take on our challenges, our struggles (our garbage) by ourselves. He never intended for us to be a people that depended on US, that looked to ME, MYSELF & I before anyone or anything. He made us, built us so to say, to turn to Him, to rely on His strength. He made us in His image. So why do we so often forget to take our garbage out to Him? Why do we forget to talk to Him in all circumstances? He paid a price for us, He died for us. Y’all, He wants to reach out His arms and take the weight of ALL your garbage, off of your hands, He WILL lift your burden. There’s no reason to miss God’s garbage day, because He collects garbage 24/7 and He’s just a prayer away. No special tools required, and no garbage can to bring to the curb.

Give it to God friends. Give Him all your worries and troubles, every little bit of your “garbage.” Whenever you can, wherever you can. I’ve managed to get my garbage can to the curb maybe once in the last 4 weeks, and I still get billed for the WHOLE month. But God, His billing system ROCKS! You bring it all to Him and You get the rewards. You can’t beat that deal!




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