Touchdown! Ooh wait…

Parenting is like THE sport of ALL sports. For real! Where else in life can you hit it outta the park, make a touchdown, score 3 pointers time and time again AND COMPLETELY strike out, hit foul balls, fumble the ball, get intercepted, miss every shot and make a ton of fouls in ONE day on ONE kid? Nonetheless times THREE kids! UGH.

Parenting is the toughest, most grueling, demanding, never-ending, completely amazing, downright miraculous “job” I’ve EVER had! And I’ll completely admit, that IN THE moment of exasperation I thought “I can’t do this!” Or “is it me? My parenting? Am I screwing this whole thing up” because YEAH, my kids can push me to the brink sometimes, BUT I’ve LEARNED, (YES LEARNED) to stop and just wait EVEN 10 seconds before I speak and that little pause is JUST enough to let GRACE in.

Friends, it DIDN’T happen overnight, and I may completely strike out one time, but you know what? I get to bat AGAIN. I get another go, and THIS time I’m gonna knock it outta the ballpark! Ok, MAYBE I’ll just hit a base run, but it’s a start.

Our Father sees ALL our foul balls, strike outs and fumbles but He is ALWAYS cheering us on and shedding HIS Grace upon us. He won’t give up on our “game” so the next time you feel like parenting or heck, even LIFE is crazy hard, and you wanna throw in the towel, forfeit the game, give in to your screaming, “I want what I want” throwing a tantrum child or walk away from a job or relationship because things are tough, REMEMBER WHO is upstairs being YOUR BIGGEST FAN! He has gone before you and made a way. You got THIS mama or papa, brother or sister! His GRACE is sufficient for YOU!



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