A call to action

I recently came upon a mentoring program that TRULY called out to me. I TRIED to walk away from it, I closed the window, busily went on poking around on Pinterest. Then I quickly checked my email and Facebook, dabbled around with a few words on one of my pages, and called it a day. Well, at least I thought that I was calling it a day. As I was about to log off, shut down, I noticed something, a window still open… hmmmm… strange, ok? My tablet ISN’T EXACTLY the newest, Lamborghini on the block so out doesn’t always “shift” when I tell it to. Opening the window I see that it’s the mentoring one that I thought sounded AMAZING! I decided to read it over again. After all, I KNOW God has called me to go out and tell my story to disciple for HIM, you BLESS others, but, uh em, I DON’T REALLY know HOW. I mean, y’all lets be real. I took college public speaking ONLINE! And God is telling me to go OUT, and speak Robyn! I’m not talking about just to a friend, I feel it in my heart, right to my very soul, I’m talking teaching OTHERS the beauty of finding the faith, of finding HIM, SEEING HIM, hearing HIM… lots of people, like big public speaking. Sometimes I’m pretty darn sure God has a GREAT sense of humor, because I NEVER saw THAT one coming!

But yet, I also know God NEEDS me to be real with those that need HIM and need help, on a personal level. Either way, this mentoring program sounded to a T EXACTLY what, if I HAD put one together myself, I would want to hear, to teach, to soak in,to bless others with, the whole enchilada. Friends, I’m NOT exaggerating, I read it and reread the overview probably like 5 times, because it was as though it was written specifically for me. How could this person know JUST what I WANT & NEED to learn, and these are the things that I would’ve LOVED SOMEONE, ANYONE to reach out to ME with, in all my struggles? It felt RIGHT.

And y’all, I’ve JUST started to dive in to the program, and IT IS RIGHT! I can tell it WILL help me fulfill what God has put on my heart already. God always watches out for us, HE has gone before me, and made my way, I thank HIM for that!

You see, I truly believe that God meant for me to cross paths with Gretchen. I don’t know where from here, our friendship will grow, I can only pray it grows deep roots, and a HEALTHY tree of a great friendship. She’s real y’all. Like me. Like YOU. I guess sometimes i just think about all those amazing bloggers and think that they are so unattainable,but I can tell you that Gretchen is about as real as REAL gets! Ands SO is her mentoring program. I’m not trying to sell ANYONE on ANYTHING. I DON’T NEED to, check out the sites listed below, Gretchen is amazing. God is working great things through her, I think you’ll see that, because I do and I WANT to SHARE that with y’all.

So head over to her blog and check her out http://www.gretchenronnevik.com

God calls us to LOVE one another, and this is Gretchen’s AMAZING mentoring program I was telling you about. I can’t say how MUCH I love it and I KNOW you will too . Check it out here👇


Blessings all!


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