God, do you hear me?

Prayer has been on my mind awhile now, so let’s just chat about prayer for awhile. Because PRAYER is SO important, and SUCH an AMAZING gift from God! With prayer you’ve got 24/7 access to the one who has gone before you, the one with a pure heart that loves you no matter what & will never, ever abandon you. Prayer-God’s greatest communication tool. d6e8a1646d49c2cf6bb801aac537df46

PRAYER, either you’re praying or you’re not. It’s pretty black and white. But there’s not necessarily any RIGHT or WRONG way of praying, each person has their own personal way. But when y’all pray, are you personally SEEING, HEARING, or FEELING God at work in your life? I think we ALL want to see our prayers answered, I mean let’s be real- we wouldn’t be praying them if we didn’t need em, right? But we don’t always SEE the end result. “God, do you hear me?” you implore. Guess what, He hears ALL our prayers! EVERY SINGLE ONE. And I’m not questioning anyone’s faith or depth of love & trust in God, because if you’re reading this, you already love our amazing God! But sometimes we, myself included, miss out on the easy, breezy stuff that could make our God talks SO MUCH more FULL.

I think there’s a secret little key to prayer. But the crazy part kids, IT’S NOT A SECRET! We just don’t DO it! Either we don’t think about it, or we’re not sure what to say, how to say it, the “what if I say it wrong’s?” hit us, I don’t know but y’all it’s RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YA. Friends, we all too often make everything generic. Like when a friend asks how you’re doing and your reply is “just fine.” Pretty general, right? It’s no different with prayer, and I’m JUST as guilty! For most of my life I’ve prayed “generically” “Lord, I need you. Please help me. Amen” Don’t be discouraged my sweet friends, He does INDEED hear your prayers, no matter HOW you pray them or WHAT you say in them, the difference is in seeing the works of God in your life visibly, without a doubt. SEEING, HEARING, FEELING Him moving and changing circumstances, specifically. Because friends, THAT’S the KEY-  PRAY SPECIFICALLY. Don’t be generic. Don’t generalize your needs.93bf6dbde230d6c958d805b869bc5e86.jpg

God doesn’t want you to just cast a big ol’ net out there hoping to cover all your needs, with one big throw. When we do that, when we pray for a whole wide span of kinda, sorta things, then pull our net in, there’s no clear “fish hooked” that was clearly God’s work. Sometimes the catch is good, other times the net comes back empty. I know how it feels to speak to God that way. To pray so fervently, so hard, and still not SEE anything. I didn’t know WHAT TO LOOK FOR in that net I had tossed out, full of my troubles, every anxiety, all my needs, ALL my burdens spilling out the edges of a very heavy laden net. I lost hope, because I couldn’t tangibly grasp ONE specific way God had seen me through. Although, looking back NOW, I guarantee He did! I can see them NOW! Hindsight is 20/20. But in real time, real life, it’s devastating, you TRULY wonder; “God, do you hear me?”4fd9fb1667bd7ef941badd001a7fe398.jpg

I can’t imagine y’all are any different. You want to SEE Him in your everyday. Hear Him speak to you ONLY the things He could know. Feel His grace and love upon you like a glorious warmth within you. It’s possible, it is SO VERY POSSIBLE, so instead of praying generically,  let’s try to pray for our PERSONAL NEEDS. Financial difficulties, tell God that. Ask Him for guidance, wisdom and knowledge. Yeah, I hear you thinking in your head, “But He already knows what I need” TRUE, but He LOVES hearing from His children. Take it to Him! Take it ALL to Him. Lay it down at the foot of the cross, and be real with God. He doesn’t need big words or fancy speeches, He wants YOU to be YOU, He LOVES YOU AS YOU ARE, all messy & undone, full of chaos and problems or put together and got it all going on. Tell Him exactly what you need, and then…WATCH! YOU WILL SEE, HEAR & FEEL GOD AT WORK in your life, when you know what to look for, because you KNOW WHAT YOU PRAYED FOR.



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  1. AWE – Some!!!! ♥️♥️♥️
    You’ve GOT THIS writing thing.
    I am hooked. Will read on. Will pray you UP. Will SUPPORT.


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