Winning the “I’m OK” response Honestly…

I have a confession. I’m as guilty as the next person and I know I need to change this BAD habit! I’m no more honest with my friends than I am with myself in difficult times. I’d rather suck it all up, and keep it in than burden others with problems that I’m facing. But you know what friends? I’m drowning! Drowning in a sea of a heaviness like I’ve never known before.

Starting today, I’m challenging MYSELF to change this habit. Rather than continually reply with the standard,”I’m doing ok.” or “I’m good” which honestly, I’ll be real is often times NOT the TRUTH, I am going to start changing my response. Even if things WERE going amazingly awesome in life, my answer COULD & SHOULD be SO much more than “ok” or “good” What if we started being honest with ourselves and opened up. Shared with others that are reaching out to us.

I’m not saying I’m gonna go into my life story, right there in the fruit & veggie section of the supermarket to a friend that asks how I’m doing. I’m not going to just shout all that’s troubling me from the top of a montain and I certainly wouldn’t expect YOU, my friends to do any such thing either. It’s as simple as the reply of  ” I could use some prayers right now.” I honestly believe y’all, that any true friend, any follower of Christ will pray for you without having to know the EXACT situation you are in. God knows WHERE YOU ARE IN LIFE, and He will hear all their prayers. Even the BEST of times can be celebrated in prayer. Prayers of thanksgiving! Let your friends know that too.

I know it’s NOT going to be as easy as these words make it sound. No, I’m positive that I will make plenty of mistakes and will have to start over several times, and that’s ok. God doesn’t expect you or I to be perfect. In fact, He knows we’re not. So as I go forward, and challenge myself to push beyond my comfort zone, to reach out to others, to you my friends, to be honest with myself and others, I hope and pray that you might join me in this little journey of mine. And I’m starting my challenge with y’all right now.

Friends, I AM honestly reaching out to y’all right now. I reach out to you for prayers of strength, protection, and discernment. I ask for prayers for the provisions that my little family and I are in much need of and finally I just ask for peace in our lives. God’s peace. 735a9977f8508ac4e8398559c1839ca7




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