School’s Out For Summer!

Ahhh, summer vacation… either anticipated with joy, dread or a strange mixture of both. For me, I’ll honestly admit I’m on the strange mixture of BOTH side with a STRONG dose of anxiety thrown into the pot. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my littles SO MUCH, wouldn’t trade em for the world and I KNOW how extremely blessed I am to have these children as a gift from God.

There was a long period of time in my life that I had given up hope of ever having children of my own. I had in fact, resigned myself to being content with the life I had been given; being a “second mom” in a way to the sweet kiddos I was privileged to help raise from almost day one to the time they started school, for close friends as THEY worked. WE, the parents, their children and I WERE family in our OWN way.

It was during those 10 years of my life, in a marriage with a man 17 years my senior, that I lost the hope of my OWN children. I’ve ALWAYS said that “HOPE can be a BEAUTIFUL thing, but it can be the deadliest weapon.” I’ll explain that sometime…

I’m not proud to admit my faults, but I’m proud to admit that I have a God that has forgiven ME my shortcomings. Yes, my marriage ended in divorce, with no children.

So HOW do I have 3 children now? Because I may have given up, but God DOESN’T throw away his playbook for ME just because I CAN’T SEE the finish line.

FF—> to present day, 3 children and single mama summer vacation for the FIRST time EVER and… YEP! THAT’S where my strange brew of emotions for this summer come in.

I don’t know about y’all, but sometimes, no matter HOW MUCH I hand the burden to the big guy upstairs, I think I ALWAYS snatch a little back. CrAzY! It is a constant lesson of learning to live IN HIM & THROUGH HIM. What do YOU do friends? When you find yourself battling within yourself to LET GO & LET GOD?

Ya see, I KNOW He is gonna get us THROUGH no matter WHAT, I have complete FAITH and expectation in THAT but I STILL fight that LITTLE nagging, anxious evil on my shoulder. God brought me to THIS new life, THIS new season for a reason, and I DON’T for a second DOUBT that! I also know things aren’t going to ALWAYS be easy, and I THANK Him for that, because behind every burden IS A blessing.

Friends, I PRAY that whether you are joyful, dreadful or somewhere in between that YOU would see the blessing in everyday things. I PRAY for the patience and protection and that you would know that God will provide you of every emotional, physical, spiritual need. Keep this prayer handy, use it often, spend time with God, He WILL answer😁


I PRAY that THIS be the summer I FIND in me, the best mama I can be, to the blessed littles that God has entrusted me with. I PRAY that He would be the ONE I turn to in ALL situations, as well as He be the ONE that strengthens me in my times of weakness. I PRAY that this summer bring the fullness of the purpose he has planned for me and that I will grow in my FAITH and relationship with Him daily. I PRAY, that He would hear ALL that is on my heart, hold me steady through rocky times, laugh with me at life’s quirks and that we WILL rejoice together in ALL that is to come! Father I thank you for ALL that I have, all that I have seen and all that is left unseen. Every blessing and EVERY burden You have given &those yet to come. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen🕆



I LOVE hearing from y’all! Feel free to email or comment! I’d LOVE to come do inspirational/motivational speaking for you at your event or church! Feel free to contact me with questions!

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