Galatians 6:10 challenge

Look around you. What do you see? What do you feel? So often we’re caught up in our own lives, our own thoughts and minds that we never truly see our surroundings & the many opportunities we are given to bless someone else’s life.

That mama that’s trying so hard to just keep it together long enough to get the groceries her family needs, while her toddler screams uncontrollably, nonstop in the cart; that mama needs your love.

That child sitting by themselves at the playground, while kids run about laughing, giggling, and taking turns being “it” in a game of tag; that child needs your love.

The family that you see in school and at school events. The couple sitting next to you. Your best friend. Your pastors. The person sitting on the bench in a game. Those playing in the game. Everywhere you look, there’s someone that needs your love.

I challenge you today, to BE that love, to do good to everyone. Sometimes all it takes is a warm smile & a friendly “hi” to be the good that changes the entire day for a person.

Let us do good to everyone.

Look around, now what do you see?

I love hearing from y’all, and I’d absolutely love to hear how YOU blessed someone or were the recipient of such a blessingšŸ˜

Comment here or email mešŸ™



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