On a mission

I have been called to join a missionary team in Mirebalais, Haiti in June 2019. I feel so blessed to have this placed on my heart.

You see, I’ve felt the movement within me to go on a mission for a couple years now. I did the research, I weighed the pros & cons, and when THIS opportunity came, I felt a deep pull. A stirring inside of me that I KNEW could only come from ONE place, from ONE source- Our Heavenly Father.

I didn’t hesitate for a minute. Leaving my children, my family & my friends for ONE WHOLE MONTH doesn’t worry me at all. I know they will be taken care of & provided for. Of course, like pretty much all of us, worry is a creeping evil. As much as I TRY to not worry about the financial end of such an amazing blessing, honestly it creeps in at my weakest moments. I know in my heart I need only TRUST IN THE LORD, and He will provide, but my mind doesn’t always follow its lead.

Friends I reach out to YOU. I reach out asking that you would pray unceasingly over me, over this mission, over my spiritual welfare & over the funding needed.

I will be in Mirebalais for one month working with Grace So Amazing at their Grace House caring for babies & children, feeding the community, and most importantly growing in my faith. I am in need of raising $3000.00 for my mission trip- for a single mama of 3, and likely most others, THAT’S A LOT OF MONEY, so I’m reaching out and asking for your help.

I truly believe that God blesses those that bless others. And I count my blessings to have an amazing, grace filled God. Your blessings towards my cause will be rewarded.




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