Be a Junebug

November 8th, 2018

Mark 10:14

I absolutely LOVE IT when my 6 year old daughter breaks out into full blown, full volume Sunday school songs just at random. It’s pretty much a highlight for me. I don’t know where she gets it from, but SHE is my God girl. Don’t get me wrong, my other two littles love God too, but there is just something special about my little Junebug. She LOVES to share her love of God with others and it is BEAUTIFUL!

If only we ALL had this child like abandon still! Somewhere between kindergarten and about 5th grade (at the latest) I think I started to “hide” a lot of things that, NOW being ooooh soooo much wiser😉, I SHOUT to the world! Like MY love for God!

Y’all, be a kid again. Share your love of God. You NEVER know who JUST might NEED TO HEAR HIS WORDS TODAY!

Be a Junebug. If someone doesn’t understand… well, guess what! You don’t HAVE to know ALL the answers. Or be a pastor or have a college degree. She’s 6 years old friends, and when her 9 year old cousin didn’t understand what a certain part of the Christmas program meant last year, guess WHO explained it to her? Yep- Junebug😍 Was it PERFECT? No. But it was the right stuff & she made her cousin’s experience much more enjoyable, because she UNDERSTOOD what was going on!

Live life like a child (within reason😉) especially when it comes to your love of Our Father. Spread that love EVERYWHERE!



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