Get Your Game Face On

November 10th, 2018

I confess. I’m guilty. I have two faces. Aaaand for the most part I’m pretty darn good at fooling those around me. I’ve even been told, by professionals, that I wear my mask well. There are times that I keep ME, my TRUE face hidden & disguised from EVERYONE soooooo well, that they have NO IDEA what they’re seeing is as false as dentures.

It’s like Facebook, we, (or is it REALLY just me🙄) create a picture perfect life. Maybe we throw in a few glitches, this or that, just to keep it real ya know, but we PICK & CHOOSE what we share, we edit out all the stuff that makes us… US!

He knows though. He sees and hears and feels and knows everything.

Jeremiah 23:24

Ugh! It is SO exhausting living a life with TWO faces. It takes every bit of energy I have some days, just to FACE the day, nonetheless have to play a double life.

It’s time to look at life, my life, with new eyes. Through His eyes. There is NO hiding.

When we look at ourselves in a mirror, we SEE OURSELVES. JUST AS WE ARE. We can’t change the image looking back at us. THAT’S who we are. WHO I AM. Who God created me to be. Perfectly imperfect.

There’s no mask in the mirror. There’s no mask to help us hide from God. So go! Throw your mask away! You ARE worth more than hiding behind a mask! You ARE God’s beautiful child. Live & love in His Grace just as He made you.



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