Back in “My Day”

November 12, 2018

I’m POSITIVE that I swore I would never, ever utter the words “back in my day” at some point in my younger-ish years. I failed MISERABLY at keeping that oath😂 In fact, I find myself sounding more parental ALL the time. And by parental, I mean like MY PARENTS! I’ve come to realize though, that it’s not a bad thing. The BAD thing is trying to parent little mini ME’s! Ok, maybe THAT’S a little too harsh, I wasn’t that bad of a kid and neither are my littles but…

Well, parenting is HARD. You try your very best and yet you can ONLY DO so much.

It’s HARD raising children in today’s world and I think older generations would agree. (at least to some extent) There’s violence being thrown at their faces from every direction- social media, school, video games, it’s rampant. While we as parents can try to filter the “noise,” today’s technology has us beat and it’s SOOOO important to make sure our littlest followers have solid foundations in Christ. (Oops, rant over☺)

So last night when we were driving home… I was taken back when my 11 year old daughter said “No way! I’d be ticked off and totally get even!” Y’all, this is NOT how I’ve raised my children. At. All.

I’ve instilled, over and over, to be the BIGGER person. Be the kindness you wish you would have had the time that…….(fill in the blank). If someone calls you a name or is mean, WHATEVER, don’t do the same! You don’t know their story, they may be hurting just as much as they’re trying to hurt you. THIS is how I’ve raised my littles! Where did this new attitude in my daughter come from? Truly, I felt deflated.

So, this morning as I opened my Bible, awaiting where He would guide the pages to turn today, it SHOULD have been NO SURPRISE where my fingers landed.

Luke 6:31

Hmmmmm, I think this mama needs to revisit this chapter with my littles🙏 With God by my side, I can’t mess it up(well, not too bad anyway😉)

I would NEVER want my child to treat someone the way I felt at times growing up- it was AWFUL. Were there times I wanted to lash back- YES! Were there times I DID lash back- YES! But I think as parents we want better for our children, or at least I DO. But HOW do we (I) win this battle? Constant love? Perpetual prayer? Reading the bible? I don’t have the perfect answer, but I do know that it’s going to take ALL OF THE ABOVE+God to win the battle. She might think she’s gonna payback someone, but I’m gonna keep praying (and teaching) that the only way she needs to payback anything, is to pay it back with kindness. At least back in my day that’s what I would’ve done😉😂



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