Stew of Life

November 22, 2018

First, a sincere thank you for all your prayers concerning my kitty, Shaggy. Sadly, I had to put him to sleep yesterday as I found out on Tuesday, that he had FIV. Unfortunately, he was too sick to recover and was suffering, so there weren’t any other alternatives, as there is NO cure or medicine for FIV. **PLEASE, GET YOUR CAT TESTED FOR FIV. IF YOUR VET DOESN’T SUGGEST OR OFFER IT TO YOU, (unfortunately, since I adopted Shaggy from a shelter that would normally do the test themselves, my vet never thought to ask, assuming it had been done, which it hadn’t, since I took him from the shelter at an early age due to health issues with him) ASK FOR IT** My PSA of the day is over.

Life is like a big ol’ pot of stew, simmering to the perfect seasoned taste.

Every little piece of us goes into that stock pot.

You have your ordinary everyday moments.

The ones you never really think about, they’re just autopilot moments. Toss them into the stew.

Your up and down moments. NOT the really BIG up & down moments, but like the bad day at work and the great day at work, kinda up and down moments. Yep, those go into the stew too.

Then there’s the celebrations & milestones. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Reunions. These are numbered. Cherish them.

Then there’s holidays.

Those are always a great additional spice to add to the stew. So much happiness and love.

Then there’s GRIEF.

The stew of life wouldn’t have the right flavoring without it. Grief is a necessary “evil” (so to say) I’m not saying I like this grief thing. Trust me, I DON’T. It hurts. But, it has also made me see how precious life is. How easily life is taken for granted.

Life is this big ol’ pot of stew. A whole bunch of stuff, life stuff, thrown into the pot. And every “ingredient” is what makes our life, “our life” and shapes us.

I’m thankful today, to have my family, my children- my youngest is celebrating her 7th birthday today🎂I’m thankful to have had Shaggy for 5 wonderful years. I’m thankful for a grace filled God, and even though I may not always love all that goes into the STEW OF LIFE, I am so VERY thankful for this life that Our Wonderful Heavenly Father has granted me.

Happy Thanksgiving & Many Blessings To You!


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